Appropriate Technology Use



SUSLA computing and network facilities service a large number of faculty, 学生, 工作人员, 和其他人. In light of the legal responsibilities inherent in operation of such a system, the university has a number of areas of potential liabilities. This 政策 addresses the responsibilities of the users and the University.


All users have the responsibility to use the University computing systems in an effective, 非常高效。, 道德, 和合法的态度. Use of SUSLA computer resources and computer network is not a matter of right, nor is it provided as a public forum, but rather all use of SUSLA computer resources and network must be consistent with the mission of the University in support of public education, 研究, 公共服务.


Security: The user is responsible for correct and sufficient use of the tools each computer system provides for maintaining the security of stored information. A summary of the security procedures relevant to the end users of computing resources is given below:

  • 电脑账户, 密码, and other types of authorization are assigned to individual users and should not be shared with others.
  • The user should select an obscure password and change it frequently.
  • The user should understand the level of protection each computer system automatically applies to files and supplement that protection, 如果有必要的话, for sensitive information.
  • The computer user should be aware of computer viruses and other destructive computer programs, and take steps to avoid being either their victim or propagator. 



Violation of the policies described herein for use of computing and network resources are dealt with seriously. Violators who are University faculty, 学生, or 工作人员 are subject to the disciplinary procedures of the University and, 除了, may lose computing privileges, including Student Residential Apartment and computer lab access, 如果适用的话. Illegal acts involving SUSLA computing and networking facilities may also be subject to prosecution by state and federal officials. If applicable, violators may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of State and Federal laws.


This 政策 and procedure will be reviewed as needed by SUSLA Information Technology Center with recommendations for revisions presented to the Chancellor.

二零零二年七月三十一日. 10月1日再版, 2003 (revised 政策 format) Reissued May 1, 2005 (revised scope statement) Reissued October 3, 2011年(修订标题), 政策, 目的, 的指导方针, 制裁, 和评论)

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